Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home From a 7week Adventure

Hi there, if you haven't noticed, I have not posted anything for the last two months, partly because I have been out of the country without a computer. I went to live in Seoul, South Korea for five weeks and ended with a two week stay with my relatives in California, USA.  

It's somewhat good to be home, but I really enjoyed the experience, being able to live like a local while travelling was more relaxing and rewarding than I had anticipated. I will be looking to update my Travel Adventures Blog in the coming days and weeks of all the places I have visited. The weather was great in Korea, and only average in California (surprisingly). I had originally budgeted $5,000 for this trip, but I ended up using only around $3,400 because of my frugal spending, really affordable yet delicious food, and not much shopping to do. Now, maybe use that leftover money for one more trip before school starts in  September?